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(This is a review based on the prototype version of Oblivion)
Giant fruits, platforming, non-lethal robots, and testing on a (so far) nameless test subject that has to go between trials in order to do seemingly pointless tasks; if all of this sounds familiar, it's not because this game also has dodgeball!

In Oblivion, you're plopped into a room with no other information except for the little bits and pieces each room tells you in order to proceed (and a prompt "welcome to the Orange Box"); although the current version of this game is very basic (you can walk, jump, pick up and throw items, and have general physics applied to you and other objects), it's presented as a very solid foundation for a possible continuation.

After playing through the game three times (once in the video and two afterwards), I couldn't find any real glitches throughout the game. I will say that there was a missed opportunity in the third level as there's a fruit in a box that you have access to but can't actually collect into the box; even with this though, it felt as though this prototype was paying homage to Portal (or valve in-general) as they reference Orange Box right at the start of the game.

All in all, this is a nice little prototype that I'm hoping gets more story and levels that will incorporate something unique; so far, the dev seems to know how to make an amazing start!

My playthrough: