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Very mysterious vibes, started the game interested in how my role on the job was going to turn out.
When i finished a level, expected to see a development but didn't yet (after about a couple levels).


Main mechanic is using the input field to move in the cardinal directions and clear enemies. I think that was a nice idea to implement

Very satisfying typing sounds

For moving around it felt satisfying the first couple of times to choose directions though after that it began to be a bit repetitive / effortful to rewrite the same commands -- may be nice if we had a way to rewrite old commands like in command dos or shell by using the up or down arrow keys! Or a shortcut after a couple levels that you can gain. But then that's what DOS games are like

The holes on the grid are a bit hard to see at first

The AI is easy to understand and cool that they only seek you from seeing you on the same axis, I think that's a good idea
Clearing enemies is cool too, entity blockers are a bitch!

Very polished experience, like the blurring and the colors

Looks like a true DOS game

Game design
Pretty original idea and interpretation of the web's broken links! Love the fact that enemies can just cross these broken links anyways but not us

I got most of my experience after 3 levels or so, then after seeing you need 99+ jobs that I was like, man that's a lot of work left hahaha
Entity blockers were a bitch! Using clear dir only on x-axis is an interesting decision! Sometimes i tried commands like "exit" or other things intuitive, but didnt work. Would be fun if you hid cues about shortcut hacks or easter eggs to make the gameplay more surprising and varied for the player 

Really nice beat, seems sci-fi and groovy futuristic although it's a DOS game


Very good polish!

The tutorial could be tweaked a bit to make clear the most important features (i.e., like a one pager of all you need to know). Found myself using the help command after going through the tutorial the first time, but that's okay. I like that the instructions were a bit cryptic and the play on each colors' meaning was interesting A sense of progression to add motivation for the player either story wise or gameplay wise (or its pacing if it's already there) to continue playing, seems to me to be the most important thing to consider if you have time! The rewards at the end of each level were nice but i didn't see what getting those scores do or felt impacted

Double messages in the tutorial (Let me upgrade your system...)
AI of red squares sometimes did not react, stayed in place for a couple turns


Very cool atmosphere man! I think the coolest thing about this other than the typing sounds was the procedural generation of levels, it makes for a lot of content although the player may not feel inclined to get to the end if the rewards do not give you anything meaningful progress-wise/story-wise. I was intrigued by the mystery surrounding the story in the beginning, but I didn't get past five levels yet so I don't know how it pans out. It feels like having a motivation to go through the levels may be a cool thing, like having something of a story-based character hacking through the web at the same time or getting bits of story to make you curious about the next level (right now it felt like it's hard to want to do it more than five times!) but overall, this is a solid game concept about DOS and it's amazing. Hope my feedback made a bit of sense, feel free to ignore any suggestions. Very well done man!!! And good luck with the game jam and etc, see you next semester if the world has not ended yet I guess haha

Hey, thanks A LOT! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. And this review is amazing. 

So I didn’t implement any additional story after you start playing. Well, guess that’s something for the update, maybe.

Bugs! You actually had bugs?

Oh and not “99 jobs” but 99 commands which you enter in the console. So after you enter 99 commands in total, your job will be done then (in story mode).

It says your video card doesn't support any of opengl versions ;-; 

PC spec :

Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz


Intel 82945G integrated graphics

And yes my video drivers are up-to date. ;-;


Hi, I'm sorry you're having this problem. I'm not fully sure why, but It seems to be some kinda of problem with the engine. I'll try to upload the tweaked version as soon as I could.

Thank you for downloading!

Thank You, i'll be waiting

Hi, I updated the windows version. It should be working...

still same error ;-; , i guess my system is low-end. well its true IT IS LOW-END.


I'm sorry that the problem is persistent, but thanks for waiting! 

I think the issue is that the game needs OpenGL 3 or OpenGL 2 to run, but (according to my research) Intel 82945G integrated graphics doesn't support either of them. (Totally not your fault!)

So, if you're still interested in the game, check out this page tomorrow. I'll upload a version to play in the browser.